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    Industrial Automation

    Battery Energy Storage

    EXpand your CAN connectivity with ethernet, distributed monitoring and data acquisition
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    Self Service Ecosystem

    New Retail-Human Interaction

    Expand diverse payment method of new retail, and enhance the productivity of digital vending machine
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    Self Service Ecosystem

    Clinic Checking and Queuing

    Improve healthcare quality starts from empathy of patient. A stable, easy-to-manage, and beautiful clinic self-check system is important in smart hospital.
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    Industrial Automation

    Smart Parking Enter / Exit

    Easy to deploy automation system of parking lot, which includes payment, gate, speaker, display
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    Self Service Ecosystem

    Public Transportation

    AI is growing in public transportaion field, included real-time traffic, smart parking
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    Wireless HMI

    Wireless E-Paper Posters

    With ESG trend is coming, more and more E-Paper saving power applicaiton in our life
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    Wireless HMI

    Blended Co-Work with AI

    With blended AI cowork trend, the newest " cut your wire " concept is kicked start to enhance mobility and productivity
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    Edge Wireless Network

    Wi-Fi 6/6E on AI Edge

    AI Edge's Wi-Fi must overcome low latency, fast-roaming and wide temperature issues
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    Edge Wireless Network

    Gigabit Air Bridge

    With Edge Computing enters into our life, butterfly efftect of network latency is more and more obvious