Industrial Automation

Smart Parking Enter / Exit

Smart Parking Management

  There are many device at entrance and exit of parking lot, such as payment machine, coin casher, card reader, monitor, camera, and gate controller, which satisfy requirement of parking management. In traditional construction, use kinds of cable, RS232, USB, HDMI..etc, to connect with the near IPC system, it would face some trouble issues that signal decay, not enough I/O interface of IPC, and reliability. Currently, use our Ethernet-Comport and Ethernet-HDMI/USB product, which can make all device interfaces would be transfer to an Ethernet/PoE interface, and simplify difficult deployment, especially, direct-compatible with native parking management system of IPC. 

  • Self-Parking System 
  • Drive-Through System
  • Passenger Auto Gate

Roadside Parking Payment

Drive Through Gateway

Smart Parking Pile

Flexible to Transformation

Easy to satiny different querulent of specific parking system

Easy to Deployment

Use Ethernet/PoE cable to overcome interference and reach distributed IP management

Reliable & Sustainability

Support 24h 100% active, wide working temperature, and painless-compatible with 3rd party's software