Wireless HMI

Wireless E-Paper Posters


Save Power 

Reduce power consumption to integrate multiple E-Paper application

Edge EPD Management 

Easy to manage with IP network and modify content of E-Paper with Edge Server 

Wi-Fi 6 BSS Coloring

Newest Wi-Fi 6 BSS coloring technology to build a group of E-paper, supports high frame rate and anti-interference  

Distributed Wireless E-Paper 

For sustainable environment about 2030 ESG target, more and more green tech will be in our life. E-paper plays an important role in human interaction region

Public E-Paper Broadcast

  • Use IPC to act as Edge E-Paper manage center
  • Make E-Paper of USB device to IP virtualization device
  • Provide distributed wireless network topology
  • Group and broadcast by Wi-Fi 6 BSS Coloring technology
  • Easy to deploy and software integration
  • Suitable for large size and multi-color E-Paper  


  •  Green Building
  •  Public Transportation
  •  Smart Healthcare & Retail
  •   ESG Factory  


Wireless E-Poster Wall

With distributed AI Wireless I/O product, easy to use EPD server to modify content of e poster by native Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure network