Edge Wireless Network

Gigabit Air Bridge

mmW Picocell

Operating with 60GHz frequency to reach high throughput up to 2.5Gbps and avoid interference from 5G/Wi-Fi

Wireless Tunnel 

Fast to build and extend a wireless gigabit network with Plug & Play for the first/last mile connectivity. 

Wireless Surveillance

Provide low latency and wireless stream for IP camera in 4/8K high quality for 5G smart city 

Fiber in Air

The target of mmW Picocell is to reduce trouble issues about  ethernet or fiber cable placement, provide low latency wireless gigabit transmission between node to node 

 Real-time and Easy to Deploy

mmW Picocell enables you to effectively densify the network and deliver great deployment experience in complicated industrial environment. It can fast to extend / expand other subnetwork and provide max ultra high speed up to 1Gbps and 1 km.  Especially, in surveillance infrastructure as followings

  • Public Safety Agencies
  • HDMI over IP system
  • Suburban 5G wireless network
  • Military and Star-link

4K/8K wireless live stream by HDMI over IP  

Fast to deploy wireless ad hoc network in a harsh environment

High speed mesh network in suburbs area