Wireless HMI

Blended Co-Work with AI

Blended Work with AI in Future

Blended work is transferring from " human between human in different place " to "human between computer with AI engine ", such as OpenAI ChatGPT and  OpenCV machine vision. Beside of stiffing remote co-work, our Wireless Edge Peripheral focus on providing extreme low latency AI-Defined network connectivity for vision, voice, touching interaction to verify your targeted AI application, and cut your wire to improve your mobile productivity

Metaverse Meeting Room 

AP Router, Monitor, Webcam, and Speaker are the most important PC peripheral devices to compose a metaverse meeting room. We provide " cut your wire " scheme to enhance your productivity

  • Wi-Fi 6E Access Point :  Ultra high speed and low latency network
  • Tri-Band QoS : 2.4/5/6 GHz Channel QoS for extreme performance
  • Display over Wi-Fi :  External monitors to virtualize as PC's Monitors
  • Webcam over Wi-Fi : External webcam to virtualize as PC's webcam
  • Compatible Software :  Microsoft Teams, Google meets, Zoom, Skype
  • Wireless Hybrid Dock  ( AP + Dock)
  • Wireless Monitor
  • Wireless Webcam

Wireless Touch Screen Switch 
 Smart & Sustainable

  In the past automation system, use a lot of traditional KVM switch and extender for human vision and control, but complicated cable placement and control bottom cause operator meets many trouble problems of maintain. 
  Currently, a professional industrial wireless touch screen for Industrial PC is proposed by Millitronic, which contains the following features

  •  Operation without any cable 
  • Compatible with Win 7 /10/ 11 Industrial PC
  • Wireless matrix switch architecture
  • Industrial Wi-Fi 6 stable fast-connection 
  • Low latency human machine interaction 
  • Industrial LCM / Rugged / Wide temperature design