Self Service Ecosystem

New Retail-Human Interaction

Evolution in Vending Machine

   Smart vending machine are the next generation business service that are more flexible in the type of driver through and payment methods. It just likes an IPC that needs expand diverse I/O for human operation interface. It includes the following features

  • Product Information Display
  • Diverse Payment Device 
  • AI recognition for Recycle & ESG
  • Receipt Printer and Scanner

  In our product, Ethernet-HDMI/USB and Ethernet-COMport can provide external I/O expansion for HDMI, USB, and RS232 interface by ethernet cable. 


  •  Simplify complicated cable placement 
  •  Expand by ethernet without hardware mechanic interference 
  •  Easy to deploy with good signal quality
  •  Compatible with 3rd party's application software

Diverse Payment

Easy to expand payment method

Humanin Interaction

Depends on different domain, easy to add device, such as microphone, camera, printer, and display

Easy to Deploy

Use ethernet to overcome signal interference and expand I/O of Edge IPC

    Mixed Vending Machine
       Coin Cashier
     Mobile Payment