Self Service Ecosystem

Public Transportation

An evolution, not a revolution

  The AI transportation is bringing about a sea change in traditional traffic management and people's life behavior, such that station suggests the real-time proper bus and train for traveler, provide self-check in gate and self-parking system at different points on the transportation network in smart city. There are reasons why IIOVT product, Ethernet-HDMI/USB, accelerate the progress of this evolution

  • Fast to deploy with PoE / Ethernet
  • Expand Ticket scanner for smart travel guidance
  • Expand information display for schedule of transportation
  •  Expand webcam for AI recognition 
  •  Saving power and support aftermarket of legacy PC platform

Smart Bus Station

Bus station likes a large scale of self-service system. With IIOVT product,  Ethernet-HDMI/USB, the original IPC of station can be easy to expand and connect the following HMI devices for passenger

  • Digital Screen for updating real-time bus schedule 
  • Self-Payment system for traveler
  • Public environmental monitoring device 

Roadside Parking Pile 

  When implement of automatic number plate recognition and self-payment device into parking  pile would be no more complicated.
Using Ethernet-HDMI/USB  and Ethernet-COMport can simplify display and payment deployment in parking gate architecture to an IPC's peripheral I/O device with ethernet. 

  •  Easy to Expand webcam and Monitor for AI recognition
  • Easy to Expand carder reader and bottom control sensor
  • Saving power and overcome signal interference
  • Well-Management for Edge server
  • Easy to deployment