Virtual I/O Network

Simple but not Easy

  • Industrial I/O Virtualization Technology ( IIOVT ) inspired by AI networking and sustainable development, which can fast-expand  device with Ethernet/ PoE cable and Wi-Fi network.
  •  IIOVT allows industrial hardware device to communicate and share information with software and IP network. Simplify complicated cable deployment and reduce other signal interference from environment. 
  • Use ethernet to overcome signal decay and interference.
  •  Saving 50% of power consumption and 70% of cable usage. 
  • Microsoft WHQL approval and IPsec protection

ESG Concept

- Save energy and cable depoly

- Legacy and sustainability 
 - Decrease service visit


- Painless installation

- Flixbile and interactivity

- Save cost


- Easy for depolyment

- Easy to remote access

- Competable 3rd software