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Smart Retail New Upgrade: Millitronic ETS/ETC Series Products

With the changing times, consumer demands and behavior patterns are gradually changing, and traditional retail models are struggling to meet consumer needs. Fortunately, with the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, businesses can adapt to consumers' personalized needs by collecting and analyzing big data, providing a better experience for consumers.

To achieve this, the most important step is to implement intelligent checkout systems (smart retail). Smart retail enable self-service checkout, cashless payments, automatic settlement, automated restocking, and data analysis.

Data analysis allows businesses to understand consumer habits, purchase volumes, sales trends, and more, enabling businesses to more accurately promote products and manage stores and inventory.

In summary, smart retail can be applied in various scenarios such as shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc., to increase revenue and customer loyalty, while also providing better shopping experiences and services for consumers.

However, due to the need for internet and cloud connectivity, as well as built-in coin and bill acceptors, barcode scanners, card readers, and more, the wiring and installation of smart retail systems pose a challenge.

The deployment of cables and mechanical installation and maintenance significantly increases the cost for merchants, and traditional machine interfaces such as USB to COM are prone to disconnection issues. Additionally, USB cables may experience signal degradation problems.

Millitronic is proud to present its latest solution: the ETS/ETC Series products.

The ETS/ETC Series products, utilizing IIOVT (Industrial I/O Virtualization Software Technology), effortlessly connect various RS232 devices within the Kiosk's IPC through Ethernet cables. This technology offers the advantage of easy extension deployment, with the maximum distance reaching up to 100 meters.

One of the key benefits of this series is the elimination of concerns regarding expansion slots. Each product within the series offers different numbers of expansions, providing customers with flexibility and choice. Unlike traditional machines that present challenges in terms of maintenance and installation, the ETS/ETC Series products offer simplified maintenance processes, ensuring secure cable connections. In case of any malfunction, there is no need to replace the entire set of cables as in the past, significantly reducing the installation and maintenance costs for businesses.