Wireless Computer Vision

Metaverse Camera Module

Metaverse Camera Module

ISP adpatation / UVC Class / Wireless Transfer / Wide Temperature
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UVC Camera

Suitable for AI application based on OpenCV 

Compatible AI Edge

X86 and embedded system of Nvidia, NXP, Rockchip and AMD

 Wireless Transformation

Connect with AI Wireless I/O product and compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype

Camera for AI Metaverse

Camera modules are used in a wide variety of applications, from ATMs to hospital and office bedside infotainment systems. Millitronic's optimized cameras meet the varied requirements of these applications, including AI image recognition and metaverse meeting room, moreover, easy to combine with AI Wireless I/O product to obtain wireless feature and mobility using scenario.


  • Resolution : 1920*1080 @ 30fps
  • Onput I/F : USB2.0 and UVC class
  • TDP : 1W
  • Sensor Size : 1/2.9''
  • Pixel Size : 2.8
  • Lens Type : Fixed Focus (M12)
  • Lens DFOV : 121 Degree
  • OS Support : Windows, Linux, MAC OS
  • Wide Temperature : 0o to 60oC
  • Dimension : 38mm*38mm*16.8mm
  • Wireless Transformation : Powered by AI Wireless I/O Series

Security and Verification

Computer Vision by OpenCV & Industrial Metaverse