IP COM Expander Pro

IP COM Expander Pro

One PoE to expand IPC's COM ports / Support 8 * RS232/422/485 ports
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Serial over Network

Powered by Millitronic Industrial I/O Virtualization Technology ( IIOVT), which make IPC and AI Edge can expand COM port with ethernet network. The remote serial devices like they were attached directly to local IPC and Edge, and you can access eight COM devices by 3rd party application 


  • Product Number : 9NETS2301503
  • Virtual Engine : Millitronic IIOVT
  • Input Interface : RJ45, Ethernet
  • PoE Standaed (PD) : 802.3at (25W), 802.3af (12W)
  • Work Distance : 100 Meter
  • Output Interface : 8* RS232/422/485 with DB-9 Connector
  • Wide Temperature : -10 to 85 degree
  • Power Consumpation : 2.4W ( DC-Jack 12V/1A)
  • Dimensions : 
  • Weight : 
  • Support IPC / OS : Intel X86, Win 7/10/11, Linux
  • Support Embedded AI / OS : Nvidia Jetson Series, Linux
  • Smart Vending Machine
  • Smart Locker
  • Self Payment System
  • Smart Gate system

Simplify to Expansion

Solve lack of COM I/O with ethernet cable, overcome limitation of placement, and provide stable performance 

Easy to Manage and Maintain

Well-Manage with IP address and easy to repair