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Millitronic Virtual Family Series Products: Initiating the 2024 Industrial Technology Wave

Millitronic kicks off the new year with a technological wave, following the successful launch of the Virtual Family series products last year, establishing itself as one of the leaders in wireless I/O. This series of products is built upon Millitronic International's in-house IIoVT technology, in simple terms, industrial I/O virtualization technology.

IIoVT technology enables efficient communication and information sharing between industrial hardware equipment, software, and IP networks, while significantly simplifying complex cable layouts, further reducing signal interference from the environment.

Millitronic innovations in three major areas through the Virtual Family series products, bringing more possibilities to industrial automation and data management. It enhances the flexibility and efficiency of industrial serial communication, enabling industrial equipment to adapt better to diverse application scenarios.

Lan to CanBus - Serial Port Expansion under Ethernet Network

Driven by I/O virtualization technology (IIOVT), IPC and AI Edge can expand COM ports through Ethernet networks. Remote serial devices appear as if directly connected to local IPC and Edge, allowing easy access to COM devices through third-party applications.

Lan to USB/HDMI - Remote Expansion and I/O Enhancement

Under IIOVT driver, IPC expands and enhances I/O through Ethernet cables for remote deployment and integration. It supports distributed deployment and integration, connecting and managing devices such as cameras, keyboards, videos, and mice through IP addresses.

Among them, the IP CKVM series features multiple USB and HDMI ports, achieving remote control, one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-one operations through PoE network switches. It provides users with more flexible and efficient multimedia expansion options while ensuring stable and reliable connections.

Lan to COM - Power over Ethernet CANbus Expansion

IPC expands additional CANbus interfaces through Power over Ethernet (PoE), using IP addresses to select CAN systems for monitoring and data collection. This scalable and highly compatible solution allows IPC and AI Edge to excel in the upper-layer environment of CANopen software.

Simultaneously, the application of Ethernet cables and network switches further enhances system stability and performance. The InnoEX series expands COM ports through Ethernet networks, allowing access to eight COM devices through third-party applications, meeting the industrial environment's demand for multi-serial port connections.

Virtual Family Series Products - Extended Functionality for TCP/IP Network Access

The Virtual Family series products provide extension and expansion functionality for IPC's traditional USB and HDMI ports through TCP/IP network access. This innovative technology, deployed directly through PoE, seamlessly connects remote USB (COM) devices and remote displays with IPC, not only improving efficiency but also offering broader application possibilities. It brings more opportunities to the industrial automation and data management field, while reducing the cost of cable deployment and promoting carbon reduction and environmental protection.

Alex Lin, CEO of Millitronic International, stated, "We are proud to introduce this new series of USB/HDMI (COM) device servers. These products represent InnoEX's consistent innovation and technical excellence, bringing significant changes to the industrial sector. We look forward to seeing how these products help customers achieve more efficient industrial operations."

In the new year, Millitronic International will continue injecting more innovation into the industrial automation field, providing customers with superior solutions.