Radio Diversity

Beamforming Algorithm and Phase Array

Millitronic implements hybrid phase array to reach 360 degree coverage beamforming algorithm, which provides robust wireless channel link-budget for MMW front-end in application environment.

Software Expansion

Software Defined Network

According to customer applications, we implement different SDN technology to firmware and driver, and provide wireless gigabit QoS to bridge 5G core network

Radio Stability


MilliDom is our patent for  product housing design. Reduce reflection and loss issue caused by plastic material to keep good radio performance of MMW front-end module

Artificial Intelligence Expansion


We implement AI virtualization to our MMW product, which can reach  wireless gigabit and low latency extension for 5G edge computing product.

Embedded System Intergration

Hardware circuit design, Firmeware, and Driver mantain and porting

Wireless Media Processing

Software Codec

Provide wireless low latency mirror cast and image QoS.